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Hugo Boss was Hitler's tailor?

  A gross exaggeration, but... Bankrupt clothing company owner, Hugo Boss joined the Nazi Party in 1931 and his fortunes soon changed dramatically. His company received contracts to make uniforms for the SA, the SS and the Hitler Youth. As the country began to remilitarize, uniforms for the German Army (Wehrmacht) were added to the list. With the onset of the war, labor was in short supply. A company employee, Martin Eberhard, traveled with the Gestapo to Poland at least twice and seized over 40 workers against their will. They were brought to Metzinger, outside Stuttgart, and housed in a concentration camp-like compound called The Eastern Camp, which was filthy and lice infested. Unlike their fellow German workers, they worked twelve-hour days and were refused medical treatment and access to shelters during air raids. Over 150 POWs worked under slave labor conditions for the company as well. Currently the company is controlled by grandsons Uwe and Jochen Boss, and has an annual income of 1.5 billion Euro.