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Munich Family Tour

The only family tour offered in Munich.

Whether you have teenagers or young children, you’ll experience the best of what Munich has to offer in a fun and engaging way.
Free Munich history book with every tour
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This is the lowest price for excellent private tours in Munich

Munich Family Tour

iPad on Tour
2 hour tour
Complimentary city map with tour
Tours begin at 10:00 and 13:00
  • €175 €90 | Private Tour
    | 2h

Whether you have teenagers or young children, this two-hour tour is fun for everyone. Curt will get the whole family involved. See the top sites of Munich, sample cookies and cakes, find hidden cannon balls, pretzels in churches, and of course the world famous Glockenspiel. The kids will enjoy it so much they may not even realize they’re learning about history, art and culture.

Curt’s a heck of a photographer.
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