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Nuremberg Tour

A Charming Walled City

Travel back in time to a medieval walled city of old-world charm. You'll visit quaint shops, sample regional foods, visit towering gothic cathedrals and the commanding castle. All tours can include Hitler's imposing and ominous Nuremberg Rally Grounds.
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Nuremberg Tour

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Day Trip
Requires train travel
Tours start from Munich train station at 8:30am and Nuremburg train station at 12:00pm
  • €240 | Private Tour
    | 10h

Nuremberg's city walls, great gate towers and imposing castle continue to dominate the historic skyline of this imperial city. Curt will walk you to the quaint Craftsmen's Village, through the historic town, into the towering church of St. Lawrence and the charming Hauptmarkt.

You may decide to treat yourself to a meal of unique Nuremberg bratwurst cooked over a hardwood fire in the famous Bratwurstháusle Restaurant or enjoy the world renowned "Lebkuchen", a gingerbread cookie like no other. Work off your feast as we take a short walk up to the commanding castle and marvel at the views.

Additional fees for the Nuremberg Tour are as follows:

  • Train Fare: (Bayern-Ticket)
    • 26 € For one
    • 34 € Two people
    • 42 € Three people
    • 50 € Four people
    • 58 € Five people
    • (prices subject to change)
    • Note: Please figure my train fare into your calculations... Thanks

NOTE: All tours can include a visit to the Hitler’s Nuremberg Party Rally Grounds

 Point of meeting: Munich Central Station, Track 11, in front of "Starbuck's"

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